Those who haven’t had the unfortunate displeasure of dealing with an actual narcissist might be surprised at the continually baffling attitude of Donald Trump. Those who are familiar with the typical attitude and behaviour of a narcissist are not the least bit surprised.

One fundamental aspect of narcissism is the binary way in which the world appears. Good or bad. Black or white. You’re with me or against me. There is no middle ground.

Almost without exception, the crappy CEOs of the world are textbook narcissists. They rose to their position of power by trampling and clawing and stomping over others, on their way to the top (laughing while doing so), and will never relinquish that power. And one effective way of doing that is simply surrounding themselves with people who agree with everything, and getting rid of them when they don’t.

The White House has had a revolving front door since 2016, and we’ve all become familiar with the pattern of people going in “he’s the greatest, tremendous, the best, my people tell me they’ve never been more impressed”, and then one day leaving… with the expected presidential barrage of infantile insults.

Dr. Fauci has been around since the Reagan administration, and his list of credentials, publications and awards simply don’t fit in this little posting. Feel free to Google him, and prepare to be impressed.

There’s another tell-tale sign of narcissists… they like to surround themselves with “great” people… only because it elevates the narc to the same level (in their mind).

Interestingly, this strategy of surrounding yourself with people “better” than you is a good one. If you do that, and let those great people do their thing, it’s often a good path for success. That's when you let them do their thing, as they do best.

But in this case, nobody can outshine the president, and these very intelligent and capable people, many of whom have been skating on very thin ice, at some point simply can not sit around a tow a party line that’s actually going to kill people.

Close to that chopping block may now be Dr. Anthony Fauci, but it’s not so easy for Trump…

Interestingly, Trump can’t fire Dr. Fauci… for reasons that go back to the guy that assassinated President James Garfield in 1881 (shoutout to Meri, his great-granddaughter – who’s reading this). The guy who shot Garfield wanted a job – which Garfield refused to give him. And to clarify things, after the assassination, it’s become impossible for a president to hire or fire a career federal employee without a damn good reason. And a difference of opinion certainly doesn’t qualify.

What Trump can do – or at least, try to do… is to silence Dr. Fauci. He’s no longer part of the TV briefings, he’s not heard from a lot… sort of being kept away from the action. Kudos to him though, for still being able to get his message out, even if it’s no longer through official channels.

Needless to say, if you’re hearing two diametrically different things being said… one from Trump, one from Fauci… and still, for whatever reason, you’re not sure who to listen to… I dunno, let’s randomly pick a strategy. How about alphabetical? Let’s see… F comes before T. Perfect. Let’s go with that.

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