Not a lot to report today; Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it today. Today we simply wait.

In the short-term, we wait for tomorrow’s more detailed news, and perhaps a clarification… the press release that just went out has a typo in it, and undercounts the provincial total by 800. My numbers below are correct… I think. The medium-term, and possible new restrictions, will be dictated by what happens this coming week.

In the long-term, wouldn’t it be nice to get some really awesome vaccine news? Maybe it’s too much to hope for, but it’s the optimist in me that’s hoping and waiting for something unexpected. If 1.5 million doses of AZ can materialize out of nowhere, why not more… maybe our leaders have been on the phone over the weekend trying to figure it out. We can hope. At least the online booking system we’ve all been waiting for in Vancouver arrives tomorrow.

On a completely different sort of waiting, check out the video of the wait staff… and the owner and the patrons of the Corduroy Restaurant in Kits… all of the above chanting “Get Out!” to the health inspectors who went in there and were met with a completely maskless and somewhat aggressive crowd. Those health inspectors intelligently did a 180 and got out of there, because it was very clear nothing of value was going to be achieved. I’m pretty sure that’s former Canuck anthem singer Mark Donnelly sitting by the window… at around 0:45 of the video. The restaurant has now been shut down by the PHO.

Beautiful day for a bike ride… that’s where I was. By the way, it’s great exercise… maybe it’ll help me lose some wait.