Gosh darn, what a beautiful day… what am I doing sitting in front of a computer typing this out, when I could be at Kits beach partying it up with 10,000 other people?

Sarcasm aside, I was down there on my bike yesterday, and it was pretty packed. I can only imagine what it looks like today. This grand collision course of “Who gives a crap” vs. vaccinations… will find its resolution in the not-too-distant future. The equally loud “they’re not doing enough!” vs. “they’re doing too much!” is something policy makers must get used to over time. Since nobody will ever be happy, if you have two equally unhappy groups, that’s about as good as it’s going to get.

So, those are the two big dogs in the fight, which can be summarized as “Follow the rules” and “Don’t follow the rules”. We’ve all seen the dogs fight, but you never see the bones themselves get involved; they just get tossed around and hope not to get destroyed by one side or the other. So, that’s most of us, whether we like it or not… the 5,000,000 little bones in a dogfight that has a month or two left before it becomes evident who’s coming out on top. But like I said yesterday, it might not be a case of winning… just a case of not losing.

With two sides and vastly different prevailing attitudes, that’s what you get… two sides that keep drifting further apart as the finish line gets closer.

In fact, speaking of bones… here’s what one might call a good bone-headed example… there’s martial arts gym in Kelowna that’s refusing to allow masks. Not a question of masks being optional, which, in a gym, is bad enough… but no… if you want to wear a mask, you’re not welcome.

Oh, but that’s not all. If you’re vaccinated, you’re not welcome at all. Yes, you read that correctly – if you have been vaccinated, you are not allowed in. But if you haven’t been, and agree to not wear a mask, come right in.

I can’t even bring myself to comment on that. It just loudly speaks for a voice that’s out there, and is surprisingly loud. I’m just hoping that voice belongs to the dog that ends up whimpering away.

On that note, time to go enjoy more sunshine and take the dog for a walk. Just not down to the beach.