No B.C. news to report till tomorrow, but here’s an assortment of other news:

The bad news is that there’s a new, apparently far-more virulent strain of C19. It’s up to 70% more transmissible.

The good news is that it isn’t around here… it’s in Europe, mostly the U.K.

The bad news is that who cares where it is, it’s still going to affect us… because many of us have friends and family over there, and, anyway, it’ll soon get on a plane and make its way over here.

The good news is that likely all of the current vaccines will be effective against it. Like… The Vancouver Sun, The Province, The Georgia Straight, The Courier, The North Shore News… whichever one it is, rip a page out of it and scrunch it up into a ball and toss it into the fire; it’ll burn. Unless someone is suddenly (and very surprisingly) publishing the news on asbestos, it’ll burn. Like all C19 new-strain mutations, given the vaccine.

The bad news is that there is a huge outbreak presently underway because of it… and whereas most people in London were expecting to be able to spend Christmas in town, with family… they’re all fleeing the city, leading to crowded, crammed trains as everyone bails to every corner of the country, where there are fewer restrictions.

The good news is that while this new strain is far easier to catch, there’s nothing to indicate that the illness it causes is any worse.

But the bad news is… as per all of the above… that this virus will soon have reached every corner of the United Kingdom.

I want to end this with good news… and it’s this: Vaccination programs are well-underway in many places, including the U.K… and as pedal-to-the-metal as they are already, they’re going to get a turbo-boost with the approval and quick distribution of the Moderna vaccine.

I’ll end this news update with the same one-word sign-off that Dan Rather used for a while: “Courage”.

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