We get our local numbers tomorrow… so tomorrow we’ll play catch-up with the stats. Until then, you get my opinion on a column that was published in the Wall Street Journal over the weekend… where the author is offering some advice to the soon-to-be first lady. The author begins the column like this:

“Madame First Lady — Mrs. Biden — Jill — kiddo: a bit of advice on what might seem like a small but I think is not an unimportant matter. Any chance you might drop the ‘Dr.’ before your name? ‘Dr. Jill Biden’ sounds and feels a touch fraudulent, not to mention comical.”

Wow… what a condescending chauvinistic misogynistic arrogant prick. I’m neither a doctor nor a woman, but that hit home… for many reasons, but two in particular.

One is my mom, who’s a retired medical doctor… from an era where there weren’t many female doctors. When I was a little kid and people asked me if my mom worked, I’d say yes, she’s a doctor. And they’d say oh, you mean a nurse. They were surprised to hear the truth. Medical school was a steep uphill in those days, and thanks to Canada not recognizing her medical degree from Chile, she got do to it twice. She went from being a full-on licensed M.D. in a pediatric clinic in Santiago… to UBC, where she got to do it all over again with a bunch of recently-graduated kids. She most certainly earned her “Dr.”

The other example is my sister, who managed to earn her PhD while juggling an awful lot of other stuff going on in her life. It was a struggle at times, and it took longer than it might have, but she did it; she earned it, she worked exceedingly hard at it… and as much as I tease her about it sometimes when she says something stupid, she’s most certainly Dr. Kemeny.

“Kiddo”? Fraudulent? Comical? Man, just writing about it now is once again making my blood boil. What an asshole. The biggest joke of it is that the author himself is not a doctor of anything. No M.D. or PhD hanging on his wall, yet he has the audacity to voice an opinion like this? Up yours, you jerk.

Shoutout to all the doctors out there, but especially the women. Anybody’s who’s earned a degree that confers that designation upon them should wear it with pride… but maybe, especially women, just so they can be shown the respect to which they’re most certainly entitled.

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